Everyone has to remind themselves sometimes


Everyone has to remind themselves sometimes


Healthy people: “You can’t drink on pain medication!”



When I was a kid and adults would ask me,”What do you want to be when you’re all grown up?” I never thought to reply with, “healthy.”

Doctor: Well are you depressed?
Me: I'm bedridden, in severe pain, and my brain is shitting itself most days.....what do you think?


Don’t make jokes to chronically ill people who’ve lost weight because of their illness that you should try getting as sick as them as some kind of easy diet.

It is fucked up on so many levels. Have some basic fucking decency.

Please forgive me when I say you don’t understand my illness. Do not think I do not appreciate how much you care I am in pain. You may know I’m sick, but it takes going through this hell before you truly understand it.

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Just released: my new album, Chronic Illness

Featuring such hits as:

Why Am I Still Awake?

Everyone Needs to Shut Up

Don’t You Think (Asking About My Medical History Is a Little Invasive)

Pills, Pills, and More Pills

Why Can’t I Stay Awake? (Reprise)

Is It Lupus?

Of Course It’s Not Lupus

Lime > Lyme